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Acupuncture & Guided Meditation


Acupuncture & Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

This experience will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and rebalanced!  



August 6th

September 10th

October 1st

 please arrive 15-30 minutes early for needle placement and to comfortably settle into your floor space

Energy Exchange, $15 

 Karen Benson, Certified Health Coach and Mary Houge, Licensed Acupuncturist, have teamed up to provide a wonderfully synergistic combination of acupuncture and guided meditation for well-being in a group setting. Mary will insert micro acupuncture needles in your ears (you may opt for ear seeds instead). Then while the acupuncture transcends you into deep relaxation, opening you to possibilities, Karen will lead you through a beautiful guided imagery for balancing your chakras as Mary enhances your journey with sound healing using crystal bowls with the frequency of each chakra. You will be able to continue balancing your chakras at home using a healing touch method that Karen incorporates into the meditation.

Earlier Event: August 5