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Summer SOULstice Sacred Sound Gala


Summer SOULstice Sacred Sound Gala

Tickets $21-$30. Shift members will receive a Special Code.

An Immersive, Alchemical, Interactive Celebration of the Summer Solstice

Sacred Sound, Community Love, and Ecstatic Movement to the Beatles!

...Doo Doo Doo Doo...

Drawing upon ancient lore, Summer Solstice or Midsummer, is a celebration of the Goddess and God at the height of power. The Goddess, our beautiful Mother Earth, is ripe with luscious fields, orchards and gardens. The God, our Benevolent Sacred Sun, nurtures and protects Mother Earth with his warmth and light. Together on this longest day and night, they ensure the coming of a bountiful harvest.

We celebrate this glorious Summer Solstice with spoken word, and ancient Vedic chant and mudra dedicated to the LIGHT. The indigenous, purifying tones of Sacred Voice, Tibetan and crystal bowls, and the exquisite bathing frequencies of gongs take us deeply into the nurturing and healing Rays of Light within us and all around us. We dance into Lightness in ecstatic movement, ending our celebration in joy, sharing, and dark, fair trade chocolate.

Once again we offer the the Inner Healing Ray, the seating closest to the bowls and gongs, providing those in this area with individual, hands-on vibrational healing with Solfeggio and Divine Feminine tuning forks, gong and crystal pyramids.

Vibrational Alchemists Myrrh de Marmion and Wendy Morrison are your sonic sherpas.