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Bring Your Own Presence: Home for the Holidays

Registration Suggested. Class Cards Welcome.

Home- a place inside yourself. Your breath. Your body. Your intuition.

As Thanksgiving concludes and we have just a few short weeks before Christmas, emotions, including anxiety, and the dance of family dynamics and day to day stressors can challenge our nervous systems, our relationships, and our healthier routines.

During the first three Tuesdays of December, come to The Shift and Bring Your Own Presence- the first half of the class will be Walking Labyrinth, moving into a Standing Exploratory Movement session with Closing Circle for reflection – Bring your own journal if you’d like to make notes.

Why the Labyrinth? The Labyrinth is a tool to enter deeper, allowing the mind to rest and the body to express itself. As you enter the center, release whatever emotions your body feels like expressing, while gathering what it feels is missing. Trust that you will discover an inner knowing and allow yourself to go with it.

What is exploratory movement?

It is whatever you want it to be…freeing, an invitation to allow your body to lead, to trust its inner wisdom and to be open. It is not choreographed or rehearsed and it is uniquie to the individual inner journey in that moment.

Denise will hold the sacred space for your experience.

Later Event: December 22
Winter Solstice Retreat