Somatic Energetic Emotional Therapy

Thy body is a network and a conduit of energy, which flows in and flows out, and sometimes...gets stuck and creates blocks around your heart or kidneys or hips or any other part that your psyche may be protecting. 

We experience this in every day life as feeling "stuck". It's like, life is good...until it isn't. The flow isn't quite what we want with our partner, or our job. Maybe you feel tight and achy more than you wish. Or maybe you've experienced a personal trauma or tragedy that spins your world upside down. Even our present political and world news can make you feel pulled apart from your center.

I am not a life coach.

I am a life guard. my purpose is to help groups and individuals use their bodies to understand the healing being offered to them through physical emotions.

I love shadows.

I love dis-ease.

Because it all points directly toward what we are supposed to be paying attention to.

Like God is yelling, "LOVE THIS!" 

So I will help you relieve your back pain, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, and whatever else you bring to me, but not through a prescription pad. But rather, through deep body medicine. I help you access your emotional blocks by means of the body rather than talk therapy. It's faster, more effective and reaps benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

This work is potent, physical, personal, intuitive, life-changing, spiritual, simple and fun.

An intimate setting

An intimate setting

The setting

Your one on one work always begins with a free consultation. This can be done on the same day as your first session, or scheduled independently. Consultations usually last about 40 minutes, and sessions usually last 60-75 minutes.

Depending on your comfort level, we'll sit either on cushions or on chairs, and will transition as needed for somatic exercises. The custom floor is cushioned to welcome feet, knees or any other body part without discomfort.

The information you share is always confidential.

The universal chakra system

The universal chakra system

knowledge is power

Somatic Emotional Energetic therapy only works when you understand how emotions are expressed within you. I put great emphasis on education, as it will continue to inform you in your noticing for years to come. Your doctor is not talking about this, but they should be. You will immediately start to understand how your story lives in your body. Much like a sweater, we start pulling on one thread and let the unraveling lead us to the big picture.

The concepts are quite simple. Letting them heal you is your big work.

Loving thy self

Loving thy self

Your body makes sound

Your body makes sound

healing means loving

The prevention of flow in the body and in our life is usually marked by a void of loving attention. There are many layers to this: masculine and feminine; ego and higher self; our wounds and our enemies. You will be given exercises to practice these new levels of love. These are often the most life-changing. Life-changing is what we're after.





put it into practice

The only way for the body to truly heal its story is to act out what it has been holding in. This sounds intimidating, but anyone can do it. I do all of the exercises alongside you, and many of them will take you back to a simpler time, when you were a child--using your voice without words, pushing with your feet, twirling fabric and pulling with your hands. This is not play--they are motions that help you experience what you have not been able to access. Most everyone finds them relieving and enjoyable!


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“This is what you’ve taught me:”
“This is so foundational and beneficial for me for me right now.”
“Looking forward to continuing this journey with you.  I hope you really acknowledge how much your accepting and encouraging environment and support are providing to the embodiment of someone like me.”
“Thanks so much for all that you offer.  It’s literally changing my relationships within and my capacity to express myself in the world in a much more powerful yet less forceful way.”
“I’m very grateful for The Shift Studio, all the great movement classes and teachers, and your Somatic Release work.  I (as in little “i”/egomind) had no idea how to begin to rebuild my stamina, strength, flexibility, resilience, balance, and vitality.  ”i” only knew the hard pushing/pulling/forcing kind of exercise (and way of making anything happen) and that simply was not what my body wanted right now.”
“Working with Emily was inspiring and transformative. She provided me with trauma release tools to free the body from deep store emotions. It was very helpful after dealing with major health issues. After just on session I felt stronger and motivated to work on myself. Today I feel more grounded and aware of my role in this world and how my actions impact those around me. You must be willing to do the work to see results!”