Studio Rentals

Are you seeking a space where you can bring your self, a client, family and friends for A SHIFT?

Seek...and you shall find.

Our studio meets the need and exceeds expectations for individuals, small groups, large groups, physical body workers, energetic healing, artistic displays, counseling, and many complementary levels of service & support.

Whether you plan to talk, walk, dance, practice Yoga or Tai Chi, engage with purpose, connect with friends, and/or expand your breadth of solutions to your personal challenges...we believe in the magic of collaboration and the essential provisions for comfort and enjoyment.


main studio

Our main studio is 791 square feet and includes a walking Labyrinth, joint-friendly floor, yoga props, walls to project on, as well as your choice of CD, Bluetooth and/or adaptive connections. In addition, we are equipped with grab bars, aerial silks, and slack-lining equipment. Seating up to approximately 30 people available.

Come provide education & awareness, promote your business, offer workshops & intensives, fulfill your purpose & desire. Expression, not repression.

studio floor with sunlight.JPG

SEEKING sound-healers, gongers and other musical talent. 

Restrictions may apply & rentals are subject to availability. Details can be discussed with Heather.


Come walk our Labyrinth, designed as the focal point of our main studio. If you would like to enjoy the space in a moving meditation, please check with The Shift staff for studio availability, or join us for a Walkshop with Chuck Hunner!

treatment room -

Do you offer massage? Reiki? Private Yoga or therapy sessions? Esthetics? Your own special thing? Our treatment room allows for light, privacy, access to bathroom amenities, and a lending library. The room, adjacent to the main studio, is ideal for those who wish to meet clients in the heart of Hendersonville to reduce the woes of travel.

*Massage table available for rent for an additional fee.*

Emily sling.jpg

aerial silks/yoga hammocks- $20/hour for 1-3 people, +$10/person for 4 or more -maximum 2 hours, as schedule allows)

If you would like to come rest or play in our slings, we will ensure you have the basic instruction for your comfort & safety. We can provide uninterrupted rest and rejuvenation.

Guidelines for use. 

(Ages 9 and up. children 9-13 require adult supervision)

(CNN) Over the past decade, aerial yoga classes with names like "anti-gravity," "flying" and "acrobat" yoga have appeared on studio schedules -- and with names like those, there's an intimidation factor.

But many people don't realize that if you're capable of sitting on a playground swing or lying on a hammock, you're actually capable of doing aerial yoga.

Despite its sexy appearance, aerial yoga isn't just about the spectacle of hanging from a silk swing. Like traditional yoga, it actually has many stress- and pain-relieving benefits. In fact, being able to invert with the swing's support can decrease spinal compression in the same manner as inversion tables used by physical therapists and chiropractors... 

Excerpt from January 6, 2017