The Shift Instructors

Our talented and devoted instructors aim to deepen your practice and meet you where you are to inspire your curiosity as well as your growth, healing and ultimate experience with your self in our classes. We are so grateful to the experience, wisdom and compassionate nature of each of our trained instructors. We have quite the range of modalities represented: Therapeutic, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Integral, Ashtanga Yin, Kundalini, & Children’s Yoga; Specialty training for movement classes - T’ai Chi Chih, Nia, and Qoya - as well as additional training and ongoing development that our dedicated instructors have invested in to share with our community!

We are here to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for students of all levels & abilities. It is our goal to enhance the health and well-being of our community and to meet each student where they are with educated instruction. We focus on building healthy relationships and sustainable practices for our students.




Jenne teaches yoga and meditation in traditional studios as well as in mental health settings for adults and at-risk youth. She works with individual clients and with groups using somatic (body-based), contemplative (meditation-based), and nature-assisted therapies to deepen intimacy and compassion with ourselves, our bodies, with each other, and with the natural world. Jenne often incorporates her soothing singing voice into her therapeutic work.

Jenne is a qualified mental health professional, certified yoga therapist, and an Asheville native. She holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University and specializes in somatic, mind-body approaches to improving mental health. As a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Jenne has specialized training in therapeutic, trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation-based practices. Therapeutic Yoga engages biomechanical and neuropsychological expertise to create gentle and intelligent sequences that relieve tension, anxiety and fatigue while improving brain function, digestion, heart and respiratory health, joint mobility, muscular tone and flexibility, physical posture and balance, and overall physical and psychological resiliency. As an instructor, Jenne strives to empower students to progress toward improved health and well-being through safe, informed, and precise application of yoga practices that are suited for each individual’s capacity and health conditions. 

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bev ward

Bev walks his talk. Tai Chi Chih has developed his inner peace and he continues his practice daily. He is a retired organist and played in multiple Hendersonville churches for 20 years.

Now in his eighties, Bev is strong, supple and bright in spirit; he owes it all to Tai Chi Chih.

There are 19 moves in this form of Tai Chi. Learn more about Tai Chi Chih on our site!

sandi hartz, certified yoga instructor


Sandi completed her 230-hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Asheville Yoga Center, a 100-hr Iyengar Yoga training with Cindy Dollar and holds certificates in Advanced Yoga, Nurturing the Teacher Within, Restorative Yoga, & Yoga for MS. Sandi combines a good sense of humor and encouragement with her love of being active that the belief that anyone can do yoga...all you need is to be able to breathe!

marian soss, certified yoga instructor

Shift Yoga Headshot (1).jpg

Marian completed the Senior Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Studies taught by Stephanie Keach at Asheville Yoga Center in 2011. She finds inspiration through Arlene Riley of Spiritus Yoga Studio in Hendersonville.  She has also studied Yoga Fit and is a registered Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). She is currently on the cusp of completing 300 Hour RYT Advanced Studies Certification.

Marian encourages her students to feel better physically and mentally while also helping them discover the joy of movement. Her yoga teachings highlight the importance of wellness by tapping into their higher power through spiritual meditation and deep breathing. Movement and breath are truly a gift.

Marian has taught Viniyoga style of Hatha Yoga since 2011. She discovered yoga over 20 years ago in San Francisco after the birth of her first daughter. Yoga not only strengthened and aligned her back due to pain, but gave her newfound peace of mind. Yoga strengthens physically, mentally and spiritually and provides courage to do one's very best.

Marian specializes in a gentle yoga composed of a love of movement, breathing techniques, and supported poses with postural corrections.



Kathleen Sweeney began practicing yoga in 1973 and became a teacher in 1989. She is trained in both Integral Yoga and Vinyasa Krama Yoga and has combined these systems and what she has learned from famous senior teachers over the years. She is now semi retired and in her late 60’s so she is more inclined to teach the gentler classes; her passion being turning people onto all the wonderful aspects that create a total yoga practice. She claims any flexibility that she has can be attributed to yoga, which makes her a very compassionate teacher. “My mom was extremely flexible but it skipped a generation! Some people are just born that way.” No judgment. No expectations. Just allowing the body to transform with time and practice.



Leading others to greater health through movement is my passion, my mission, my joy! Privileged to introduce Nia into the Asheville community in 1998, I have had the pleasure of teaching Nia, and mentoring other Nia teachers, ever since.

Every class I teach is customized for the students present that day. Each one is a gift from the heart of Nia, through my heart, to you.

Learn more about Nia on our site:

bitsy merriman, bfa, rsa, e-RYT200


Bitsy is passionate about learning new things to deepen her own practice and loves to share what she has learned with her students. She came to yoga as solace from the corporate world and wants to extend the peace, balance and energy her practice provides to her yoga students and communities.

Bitsy is a certified yoga instructor from The Yoga of Energy Flow. She holds certificates in Yoga for Senior Citizens, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

Bitsy offers beginner yoga, and all levels of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, combining asanas (poses) and explorations of breath to enhance your energy. Additionally, she teaches Wall and Chair Yoga, incorporating poses and alignment using the wall and chairs for support. Bitsy is known for her classes combining Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra; a form of guided meditation.

Bitsy has provided private lessons and yoga coaching to support a client’s health and wellness goals as well as prepping them for entry- level yoga classes. She incorporates her love of dance, rhythm, poetry and music into her yoga classes.

polly wing, certified yin & children’s yoga instructor


Polly’s Yogic journey has been filled with hundreds of hours of individual and group instruction under master yoga teachers in Anusara, Restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin.  She also loves to teach Yin Yoga. “Yin helps you connect to this self-compassion, giving you permission to nurture your body, and allowing you to passively apply gentle pressures throughout your tissues, bones, and ligaments, allowing your energy to flow freely”. Polly continues to work on her yogic self-study and will be completing her 200 hour training at the Asheville Yoga Center this year.  

Polly is a certified Yin Yoga instructor, and a certified children’s yoga instructor. She retired from the Miami-Dade Public school system having taught for almost 33 years. She began seriously practicing yoga in 2013 after pursuing many other forms of exercise throughout the years. A neck problem, and other injuries inspired her to become more aware of why these injuries were happening and how she could move her body differently to help alleviate everyday aches and pains. She soon learned that yoga is not just a physical practice but an “inner” practice as well, constantly trying to bring the principals of compassion, and mindfulness into everyday life. She has attended: two week-long yoga retreats, led by a master RYT yoga teacher trainer and instructor, a two-day workshop with Yogi Cameron, and a Yoga Anatomy workshop with author and yoga instructor David Keil. In 2016 after having completed 60 hours of training under Karma Kids Yoga, LLC, Polly began her kids’ yoga journey. “I love doing yoga with children, it helps them understand how their bodies work while exercising both their body and mind.



Jagdeesh began her journey through the practice of yoga in the 90's.  Certified as Massage Therapist  in 2000 she also decided to become a Hatha Instructor with Stephanie Keach. In 2002 she began to search for more in her practice and that is when Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan became a heart centered practice for her. She also has been sharing the healing sounds of the Gong since 2015. 

"Along with my massage practice I continue to learn and grow into the human I choose to be in this world. Strong, unshakable, compassionate, kind and a powerful woman. This doesn't mean I am clear of issues in my life, I just handle things a whole lot better and I am at peace with where I am in this moment." 

daya narayan betsy perry, kundalini instructor

Graduation Day!.jpg

Daya Narayan began practicing yoga in the 1990’s when the aches and pains from running had caught up with her. As she approached retirement from a career in nursing and management, she never dreamed of becoming a certified yoga teacher until she experienced the power of Kundalini yoga as a physical and spiritual practice. She became a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher in July, 2016, at the age of 70. Along with her yoga practice and healthcare background, Betsy brings a lifetime of service and spiritual study to guide people in finding balance, joy, and openness in the everyday experience of their physical and spiritual selves.

Read more about Kundalini Yoga on our site!



Hari Mander has an AAS in Ornamental Horticulture and Business Agriculture Technology with a BS in Communication (Public Relations). He received is Diploma of Acupuncture from the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine and is continuing his practice.

Hari Mander is a facilitator of the Kundalini technology with a strong feeling about the word “teacher” when it comes to what he does. He shares the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and has been certified by IKYTA since 1998 with additional modules in Conscious Communication, Humanology: The Science of Living, as well achieving Master Reiki status, with exposure to Polarity Therapy and the Sacred Tortoise Tai Chi Chuan.

Under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan’s presence, Hari Mander has been on the path to true self with Kundalini Yoga and gong. He believes that tuning into the golden chain aligns us with the teacher within, our inner compass or universal mind. Tuning in opens us up to our highest intelligence and enhances self awareness which opens up a possibility to overcoming self imposed limitations.



Marina is a teacher, world traveler, mompreneur, free spirit. Having lived in three cultures for longer periods, she truly believes in one human family instead of borders or races. She helps women transform, make changes in their lives for the better, discovering that their wisdom is within.

For Marina, discovering Qoya was truly Love at first sight. She knew it was her life’s calling from her first class. It helped her remember on a cellular level that dancing is in her DNA. Every woman should have the permission to move the way it feels good. This experience is incredibly liberating for all ages, shapes or personality types. She is passionate about taking Qoya to all the women she encounters around the world. Originally from Hungary, Marina is also the owner of Compassionate Compass, a service designed to provide life direction to her clients.

Since discovering Qoya in November 2017, Marina has taken all the steps to become a certified teacher, went to teach it overseas in Hungary and Austria. She attended a Qoya teacher gathering for European teachers in Ireland, and is committed to offering it to women in this community, in Hendersonville.

wendy schuchart, pilates & barre


Currently teaching fitness  classes at the YMCA Hendersonville.  Those classes include; Hydroburn and Fluid Movement aquatic classes; Yogalates; Low Impact Fitness (Chair aerobics), QiGong  at YMCA Hendersonville, NC. I substitute various other classes including Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, Tai Chi, Barre, and Spinalates.



Christie is certified with Yoga Alliance through the 200hr Teacher Training Program at Asheville Yoga Center (RYT200) and she is currently enrolled in their 300hr Advanced Studies Curriculum. Yoga is a way of life for Christie and she carries it with her on and off the mat. It has been through her own transformative process in yoga, that she became a firm believer in the power of bringing body, mind and spirit together. As a teacher, she brings this transformative message to each class where she helps students learn how to connect with their bodies and gives them tools that they can use to cultivate a more centered, serene and balanced life.

Her classes are heart felt, encouraging and informative.

loretta zedella


She is the founder of Yoga Outreach Columbus, a charitable organization dedicated to uniting the yoga community and benefiting community assistance groups.

Creating and sharing yoga inspired Jewelry Created with Good Intentions since September 2015.  

"Recalibrate with Loretta. Adding specific movements to the day can help us feel ease in our body which can help us reveal peace of mind in a stressful time.  You knead these balls" 

Loretta Zedella is an experienced yoga teacher and a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor with seventeen years yoga, agility, and mobility teaching experience. She prefers to think of her work as a chance to Recalibrate. 

Loretta just moved to our area in April. She is respected by students for her practical yet light-hearted teaching methods. She specializes in worksite mobility using yoga therapy balls and therapeutic movement to help us each recalibrate to reveal ease of body and peace of mind. She has shared these workshops with thousands of people at many varied locations including  JP Chase Bank, Verizon Wireless, Ohio Wesleyan University, and many yoga studios.

Loretta has studied with countless yoga teachers including Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up® and Erich Schiffmann. She has immersed herself in developing a deep understanding of body alignment and movement.



Dancing Spider Children's Yoga Instructor

Dementia Friendly WNC Educator


A native of New Jersey, I have lived in WNC since 1991 with a break in between where I found myself living in Wilmington, NC while I attended UNC-W and was introduced to Yoga there. I have discovered my truest self here in the Hendersonville area and continue to be amazed at the beauty of our mountains and the variety of things to do. Remembering the importance of slowing down, The Shift was a YES, a gift from God really, to me and I contain this space with wholehearted intentions of shifting from the dominant paradigm of fast-paced, busy, and often times externally led lifestyles.

I look forward to connecting with you!

I am Heather Bauer and ownership of the studio means fostering an environment of joy, passion and healing for myself and others. I am a mom who is passionate about living well at every age. Through each transition, at each juncture of life, resilience is paramount to how we think, we feel and behave. I love nature, sound, camping, hiking, and being with friends.

I have devoted many years to serving the aging population, with specific interest and education for those living with dementia, those who wish to age in place, and their families. As a certified children’s yoga teacher, A Matter of Balance: Concerns About Fear of Falling Master Trainer, Dementia Friendly Business leader, and Caregiver Advisory board member, I intend to continue bridging the gap of multi-generational needs and experiences through movement, restructuring, creativity and connection. I also believe we can facilitate community expression through dialogue about wellness, spirit, and growth in daily living. With trust, truth, intention, and grace we move through the process effortlessly. Follow your bliss!

Emily miller, founder


Emily Van Eman

Emily Miller, Founder of The Shift, has a strong passion for the human body, and the power that it holds as a translator of the divine. In a way, she sees her role as a guardian; a protector of the beautiful temples that walk around on this planet. Her goal is to help you gaze inward and gently guide you to use your body (in the state that it is) with grace and confidence. 

Her work includes one on one somatic therapy, unique yoga flows, and a program she has developed called B.O.D.Y. Mapping (Branches of the Divine You), which uses spectacular music and specific movements to open, charge, and discharge all 7 chakras of the body. 

Her background came up through the world of rehabilitation and personal training, teaching in parallel.  Emily is considered a master teacher, with over 10,000 classes under her belt, and a no-student-left behind mentality. Emily opened The Shift studio in July of 2015.