Emily Van Eman

founder, Emily miller

Emily Miller (formerly Van Eman) has a strong passion for the human body, and the power that it holds as a translator of the divine. In a way, she sees her role as a guardian; a protector of the beautiful temples that walk around on this planet. Her goal is to help you gaze inward and gently guide you to use your body (in the state that it is) with grace and confidence. 

Emily's work is truly a ministry. Most students report feeling captivated and guided by her voice as she channels questions into your heart while experiencing physical connection and release. Her work includes one on one somatic therapy, unique yoga flows, and a program she has developed called BODY Mapping, which uses spectacular music and specific movements to open, charge, and discharge all 7 chakras of the body. This is a program that she will be expanding to target large populations of men and women with heart, lung and breast dis-ease as an alternative to invasive medications and procedures.

Her background came up through the world of rehabilitation and personal training, teaching in parallel. Through the last 16 years, this has sat as a foundation to her now distinctly physco-spiritual style of teaching, giving her a 'science meets spirit' vantage point. Emily is considered a master teacher, with over 10,000 classes under her belt, and a no-student-left behind mentality. Emily opened The Shift studio in July of 2015, and it has been the home of countless Self-loving activities and classes. Her vision continues to grow, and will be soon starting a podcast focusing on her body wisdom.

When Emily is not teaching, she's sharing the great dance with her daughter Sam (8) and her partner, Gary. She and Gary are expecting a baby boy in mid-April! She enjoys running, exploring the outdoors, dancing, writing, crafting, reading, and a nice glass of red wine (when not pregnant).



Jenne is a qualified mental health professional, certified yoga therapist, and an Asheville native. She holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University and specializes in somatic, mind-body approaches to improving mental health. As a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Jenne has specialized training in therapeutic, trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation-based practices. Therapeutic Yoga engages biomechanical and neuropsychological expertise to create gentle and intelligent sequences that relieve tension, anxiety and fatigue while improving brain function, digestion, heart and respiratory health, joint mobility, muscular tone and flexibility, physical posture and balance, and overall physical and psychological resiliency. As an instructor, Jenne strives to empower students to progress toward improved health and well-being through safe, informed, and precise application of yoga practices that are suited for each individual’s capacity and health conditions. 

Jenne teaches yoga and meditation in traditional studios as well as in mental health settings for adults and at-risk youth. She works with individual clients and with groups using somatic (body-based), contemplative (meditation-based), and nature-assisted therapies to deepen intimacy and compassion with ourselves, our bodies, with each other, and with the natural world. Jenne often incorporates her soothing singing voice into her therapeutic work. You can learn more about her at jennesluder.com.

bev ward


Bev walks his talk. Tai Chi Chih has developed his inner peace and he continues his practice daily. He is a retired organist and played in multiple Hendersonville churches for 20 years. Now in his eighties, Bev is strong, supple and bright in spirit; he owes it all to Tai Chi Chih.


Christina Holt.jpg


Christina holds her degree in Exercise Science from the University of Northern Georgia. Though trained in multiple modalitites, her passion is expressing human movement through yoga, breath, and alignment. Christina believes in approaching our bodies as students of wonder instead of criticism. She is certified in hot Hatha Yoga, a group fitness instructor, and a personal trainer at a local gym. In her free time, she loves to be outside; whether she is camping, hiking, or rafting.



Ownership of the studio means fostering an environment of joy, passion and rebirth for myself and others. I am filled with excitement in this promising venture and look forward to meeting each of you! As I enter into this journey, I feel my own devotion and experience in healthy aging and relationship-building is paramount to The Shift community's vision.

I have devoted many years to serving the aging population, with specific interest and education for those living with dementia, those who wish to age in place, and their families. As a certified children’s yoga teacher, A Matter of Balance: Concerns About Fear of Falling Master Trainer, Dementia Friendly Business leader, and Caregiver Advisory board member, I intend to continue bridging the gap of multi-generational needs and experiences through movement, restructuring, creativity and connection. I also believe we can facilitate community expression through dialogue about wellness, spirit, and growth in daily living. With trust, truth, intention, and grace we move through the process effortlessly. Follow your bliss!