The Shift would like to give special thanks to these sponsors for their direct help in getting the studio off the ground:

Thorough, fast, and affordable. I interviewed several contractors to remodel the space for the studio, and Gary spent over an hour with me walking around and gathering information before offering a quote. He was the ONLY one who looked inside the walls, ceiling, and could give an honest and fair quote. Gary and his contractors are top notch. He works for YOU.


Lowe's generously donated window treatments and our back bathroom vanity. Great quality and service. Thank you, Lowe's!

Thank you to the brave, kind and talented crew from Ductz who cleaned out our duct system for easy breathing but ALSO saved the day by fixing the broken air conditioning for our opening day!! Talk to Wade at Ductz and breathe happier.

Much thanks for a generous sponsorship. Proper body function is very important! Look for Squatty Potties at The Shift soon! HERE'S an interesting (and effective video) on the topic of colon health.